Group Sessions

Looking to enhance your resilience? Group Sessions that are 100% virtual, Education & Process: Learn in Collaboration & Connection. 

Understanding of and engagement with Boundaries

Resilience is fostered when we experience a challenge and overcome it. By engaging in Group Sessions you can Identify YOUR Resilience and increase your Mindfulness

Conscious Engagement with Life, Love & Parenting

Resilience is fostered through many different modalities. None are wrong, just some less productive. This was an essential part of our journey. Group Sessions allow for Peaceful Productivity 

Connection with Self and chosen others

Resilience engagement is entirely personal but with predictable aspects which can be fostered. With Group Sessions you can Connect, Learn and Grow with others that will enable you to learn in collaboration and connection with peers.

Upcoming Group Sessions:

Relationship, Parenting, and Postpartum Resilience

  • 6-weeks of Learning and Growing with others
  • Maximum of 10 participants to optimize collaboration 
  • Totally Virtual to allow you to engage in Peaceful Productivity
  • Tailored to the interests and needs of those in the group 
  • Resilience Topic for each week
  • ​Education & Process: Learn in Collaboration and Connection
  • ​Identify YOUR Resilience
  • ​Access to my Therapeutic Knowledge & Expertise

Benefits of Group Work

Connect, Learn, and Grow with Others

Identify YOUR Resilience with Like minded Support

Totally Virtual for Convenience to Busy Everyday Life 

Next Postpartum Resilience Group

February 2020

Next Parenting Resilience Group

February 2020

Next Relationship Resilience Group

February 2020

Let’s build something together.

Contact us below to learn more and to sign up for our upcoming group sessions

What People Are Saying

I had to process our session earlier because it was all so amazing!! I was put back in the place of power.

Group member after Intro Week 

The (guided) meditation was amazing 

Group Member after Awareness week

Today’s session was AWESOME!!

Group Member

Oh! I finally understand! Boundaries are about ME and not the other person!

Group Member after Boundaries Week

I’m so grateful for all your guidance and support. I absolutely LOVE our group! I had a realization. Your approach to supporting us is so different and way more successful! I haven’t focused on what scares me as much but when I do I now rest in it. And say OK.

Group Member after Boundaries Week

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