Meet Kelley
Meet Kelley

Not a Therapist 💜 Not a Coach
When I walked away from my decade long career as a therapist, I knew I was moving into something more in alignment with my purpose. A way to do what I’ve always done but in a more peacefully productive way. You are always the expert of you. And you are always the one who chooses how we spend our time. Don’t worry, I have plenty of options but you are the decider. The boss of our time. No diagnoses are given but if you come to me with them, I’m happy to help you explore yourself in relation to them.
So, not a coach or a therapist…
What am I?
💜Resilience Sage💜


Training / Workshops

Thank you for emulating open-minded energy. You are an effective communicator and introduce new, (sometimes anxiety-provoking) concepts so that they are received positively.

Cultural Connection Training Participant

Training / Workshops

I loved the material about boundaries and the “trust bank,” and the idea of curating my life has really gotten me thinking in new ways. Thank you!

Resilience Workshop participant

Individual / Family Consultation

I can’t tell you how many times during my week I think, “Oh, I wish I could talk to Kelley about this right now – I know she would help me see this more clearly.” Not to mention how often I put into practice grounding techniques I have learned with my children, myself and with clients. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 🙂 Your FB posts are fantastic. I love how you see things and communicate them to others in such a specific and easy to follow manner.”

Individual with occasional partner inclusion


This training brought a sense of calm, and relief to me. The meditation was exactly what I needed as I am experiencing some anxiety about starting the school year again. Before I started my body was at an 8, feeling overwhelmed and after meditation I was brought down to a 2. Thank you!

Training Participant


One thing that really stood out to me was that we can amplify what we already naturally do to help ground ourselves.

Training Participant


Thank you! I thought this training was spectacular!

Training Participant


Just wanted to thank you for all the work you are doing with my kids. I really appreciate it and you!



“Kelley, you have been a phenomenal asset to us this 2020 year in coming back to in person learning and we greatly appreciate the help you’ve given us all on every level. You are a strong woman and I really appreciate your values and your drive to help enable our students & staff & especially young women, to stand for our beliefs and speak our minds with eloquent poise.” – Misty



For those conflicts that arise in which a neutral third party may support resolution


Individual, Family, Education, Business

Training and Workshops

ABC’s of Resilience: This training may be expanded / contracted and applied to all settings and groups.


Organizations, businesses, schools, keynotes, conferences.

Resilience Courses

ABC’s of Resilience

This course will remind you of truths you’ve known along with introduce information and practical skills you can utilize to amplify your Resilience today, tomorrow and forever.  

Free Offerings

ABC’s of Resilience